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Retired Racehorse Rehabilitation Program

Our training program is dedicated to the welfare, re-training and re-homing of racehorses after their racing days end.

Each year thousands of horses leave racing, some because they reach the natural end of their careers, others through injury, old age, or lack of ability.

We respect, admire and value the thoroughbred ex-racehorses, and we want everyone who owns one to feel that way, too.  Every horse needs a job, a special vocation, in order to be happy and true to its nature.

Thoroughbreds have so much heart, athleticism and intelligence, and are winners even after their racing careers end.  Every one of them is waiting to be someone's special champion, whether as a trail horse, show competitor, or just plain pet.  All they need is a chance to find a second career and new life after the finish line, and we can provide the training necessary to begin their new journey.

For us, it's an honor to work with such tremendous athletes, so full of intelligence and fine bloodlines.  If you are interested in our rehabilitation program, Tammy can consult with you to determine the best path for the re-training of your racehorse for his or her new career.